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  • Seth Chitwood

Karen Ann Martino to play Grandma Tabor in Testing: The Series

Martino will guest star in the third episode of the second half of the second season of Testing: The Series portraying the infamous Grandma Pauline Tabor, a popular and successful madame from the south.

Grandma Tabor got into the prostitution business during the darkest part of the Great Depression, when she was a young, divorced mother of two small children and desperate for money.

While Tabor was never a prostitute herself, she became a local businessman’s mistress after requesting to borrow some money from him. That’s when she realized how profitable the business of sex could be.

She went to a brothel in Tennessee, where she shadowed a madam, learning what it took to operate a prostitution house. Tabor ran a call girl business in Louisville for a short time before giving that up.

That’s when she returned to Bowling Green in 1933 and opened the town’s first brothel in a white, colonial-style house on Smallhouse Road. Even during the worst year of the depression, Tabor made money from the beginning, eventually serving clients from prominent politicians and businessmen to military men and college students.

The character will appear in an episode that will feature a heated conversation between her and the head of the Moloch Corporation (Frank Czarnowski).

Karen Ann Martino has starred in Family Problems as Mother Turner and The Girl in the Attic as Meredith. She recently received the 2017 LA Web Series Festival Award for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series and the 2017 Angelwood Pictures’ Angel Award for Outstanding Supporting Actress for her Family Problems role. Martino will appear in the third episode portraying Grandma.

The season returns Friday, September 1 at 9:00pm EST. Get caught up on the series here:

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