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  • Seth Chitwood

JP Valenti & Alaina Gianci guest star in Family Problems Premiere!

Valenti and Gianci will play two detectives working for Internal Affairs to investigate the police shootout. They arrive the next morning to work with CSI Technician (Bradley Rhodes) and Medical Examiner (Maureen Valco). They also interview victims and witnesses to find motive behind the shootout.

The TWO-EPISODE SEASON FIVE premiere starts TONIGHT at 9:00pm EST. Due to violence and disturbing scenes, viewer discretion is strongly advised.

Valenti is no stranger to Angelwood Pictures. He appeard as The Jackal in the series Lungs, Anthony in the short film The Love Triangle, and Albert in the collaborative web series In the Bedroom. Vlaco appeared in Red Circles and World’s Worst Director. She also appeared opposite Rhodes in In The Bedroom. Gianci will be making her Angelwood Pictures debut.

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