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  • Seth Chitwood

Jennifer Gjulameti, Tom Mariano, Carol Patton, & More scheduled to present at 2015 Angel Awards

Only one month away from the 2015 Angelwood Picture’s Angel Awards! The event will be held at RISD Museum on Friday, December 4. The event, which will be catered for the red carpet cocktail hour arrival, will also feature a silent auction and a two-hour award presentation.

Scheduled presenters include: Jennifer Gjulameti, Tom Mariano, Carol Patton, Lisa Wynn, Wendy Hartman, Tony Ramos Wright, Alaina Gianci, Charlie Alejandro, Jan Waldman, Paul Kandarian, Kathryn Shasha, Lin Hultgren, Theresa Chiasson, Peter Morse, Carlyne Fournier, Tanja Lynch, David Afflick, Monica Saviolakis, Paula Dellatte, and Karen Ann Martino.

The event will also feature youth award presenters: Luke Ryan, Charlie Tacker, Isabella Ibreu, Haley Pine, and Nicole Talbot. The presentation will be hosted by JP Valenti.

Mary Hronicek will also be receiving the 2015 James R. Zuckerman Special Achievement Award for her excellence in set design.

The evening highlights the outstanding performances and work completed by the production company this past year. Films to be featured; Family Problems, Lungs, In the Bedroom, The Resurrection of Victoria Wheeler, The Girl in the Attic, The Love Triangle, The House Sitter, and a few other surprises.

Tickets are available here: TICKETS BECOME $25.00 STARTING FRI. NOV 6.

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