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Jan Waldman to be honored with IMAGINE MAGAZINE honor

Longtime producer, supporter, and performer for Angelwood Pictures, JAN WALDMAN, to be honored by Imagine Magazine at its 2020 Imaginnaire Awards Gala on January 14.

Waldman produced episodes of TESTING: THE SERIES, FAMILY PROBLEMS, and served as the executive producer for the third and fourth season of LUNGS: THE SERIES. She also played the role of D.A. Waller’s Secretary in numerous episodes of FAMILY PROBLEMS. She served as the casting director for THE GIRL IN THE ATTIC and CODE 13: UNREADABLE. She was also the recipient of the 2016 Golden Angel Award at the Angelwood Pictures’ Angel Awards.

Aside from her involvement with Angelwood Pictures, she has been a pillar within the New England film scene. Having also produced and supported numerous other film productions, she is also the creator of Critter Casting. She has appeared in several films like INSOMNIAC, THE FOLKLORIST, WITCH HUNT, PERMANENT, and TRANSEXUALS FROM SPACE. She also hosts her own talk show ENTERTAINMENT PLUS WITH JAN WALDMAN in which she received two Communicator Awards.

Other 2020 Imaginnaire honorees include: JAMES MONTGOMERY (James Cotton: They All Stood Up), ERAN LOBEL (Element Productions), TACKEY CHAN (MA Representative), ALECIA ORSINI LEBEDA (Women in Film and Video of New England). Imagine Magazine is created by CAROL PATTON.

CLICK HERE – Imagine Magazine Honoree Announcement

CLICK HERE – [Video]: Angel Awards Honors Jan Waldman

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