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  • Seth Chitwood

Jan Waldman made Vice-President of Productions

We are excited to announce that Jan Waldman will serve as the “Vice-President of Productions" within Angelwood Pictures.

Waldman served as the producer for the upcoming fourth season of the awarding-winning web series, Lungs. She was also a script supervisor and production assistant during the third season. Aside from Lungs, Waldman has appeared in fourteen episodes of the series Family Problems as a background actress. She will also be working as the casting director for the new project: ”The Resurrection of Victoria Wheeler“. She has also been one of the largest and frequent donors – helping to fund several projects.

"Jan’s outstanding attitude, hard work, overwhelming positive energy, dedication, and overall passion for my projects – makes this decision quite easy. Her overzealous commitment and enthusiasm are the characteristics that we want apart of our production company. She constantly supports myself, cast members, and crew; with deep respect, care, and most importantly love. She is always willing to volunteer her time to take on many responsibilities and works hard to complete them diligently and perfectly. She’s also one of our top outstanding leaders in our local film industry. We are excited to give Jan this position; as we know she’ll be the best addition to our production company.” Co-founder Seth Chitwood stated.

Waldman will continue to work on and be a part of most projects under the production company. She’ll be assisting in any way possible during the production. Earlier this month, Lungs announced it was in-talks for a fifth season. She will return as the producer. 

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