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  • Seth Chitwood

“In the Bedroom” Spin-Off: Who should be the MOTHER!?


Today, Angelwood Pictures announced that three characters from the “In the Bedroom” series will be joining the spin-off series. Currently, the spin-off surrounds Kyle (Charlie Tacker) and his father (Sean Mcpherson) (from “The Snoring Future” episode); featuring short web vignettes revolving around their relationship.

It was revealed that Eleanor (from “The Anniversary” & played by Maureen Vlaco) will be Kyle’s grandmother. Harry (David Afflick) and Jane (Monica Saviolakis) (from the “The Insane Wife” episode) will also appear. Jane is Kyle’s aunt.

However, the big mystery is who will be playing Kyle’s mother! All we know is that the character will NOT be from the In the Bedroom series, previously. So this means that the role will be cast in the upcoming future.

We also know that Angelwood Pictures will be posting a casting notice seeking: FEMALE, age 30-40, athletic/average build, Caucasian, preferably brunette to play MOTHER role. Non-Union only at this time. Submit at: 

Who do you think should play the mother? Once the role is cast, the identity will slowly be revealed (with hints) until the series premiere this Spring. 

Other characters from the original series will be making appearances. They will all have some connection to Kyle.

Catch up on ALL the “In the Bedroom” episodes here:

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