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  • Seth Chitwood

“In the Bedroom Spin-Off” Gets Official Title

And the official title for the new In the Bedroom Spin-Off will be: “From the Snoring”. 

The spin-off series will be about Kyle (Charlie Tacker) who appeared in the “The Snoring Future” episode. After his grandfather passes away (Brad Rhodes from “The Anniversary”); Kyle and his family spend a few days visiting with his grandmother to plan the funeral. 

Being forced to share a bed with his father (Sean McPherson), due to a lack of bedrooms, he is kept up all night from his father’s annoying snoring. This leads to Kyle contemplating his future and a plan to get back at his father. 

While at his grandmother, he runs into familiar faces, relatives, friends, and other characters while mourning his grandpa.

Maureen Vlaco returns as Eleanor (from “The Anniversary) as Kyle’s grandmother. Monica Saviolakis and David Afflick (from “The Insane Wife) will also return as Kyle’s aunt and uncle. More casting will begin soon.

The series will have a linear story-line, but will have a similar feel to its original series “In the Bedroom” – featuring short comedic and dramatic vignettes each episode. Most of the episodes will also all be written and directed by different people.

Watch the first season of IN THE BEDROOM here:

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