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Goodbye to Coco

We are saddened to announce the tragic passing of Coco Chitwood. Coco, a cocker spaniel golden retriever, was very close to many people’s hearts for her friendliness. She has also made many appearances in a number of Angelwood Pictures’ projects.

The Chitwood Family rescued Coco from Georgia on her way to a kill shelter in 2006 right after Hurricane Katrina. With her front teeth rotting, and a weak right front paw – they nursed her back to health and made her a permanent member of the Chitwood household.

However, it would’t be long until she made her film debut. Her first was in the series THE DREAMER. She then appeared as the dog to the O’BRIAN family in RED CIRCLES and as the neighbor’s dog in WORLD’S WORST DIRECTOR. Her most notable appearance was in FAMILY PROBLEMS. The family searches for her in Season One when she goes missing.

Aside from Angelwood Pictures – Coco appeared as a background dog for the feature film “Tell Tale” and played the role of Sandy in Barrington High School’s performance of “Annie”. She also appeared as ToTo in the Barrington Middle School production of “The Wizard of Oz”.

But, Coco will be remembered more as the mascot for Angelwood Pictures’. Most of the actors have had the opportunity to meet or hang with Coco over the years. She loved being with everyone when she wasn’t sniffing out their bags for possible food. (She has definitely eaten a few cast members lunches that were left unattended.)

She was ‘one of a kind’ and will be terribly missed. We’ve lost a little piece of Angelwood Pictures’, but she will never be forgotten. She will always be in all her hearts.

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