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Family Problems – “MidSeason Post-Examination”

[This article contains spoilers about the first seven episodes of the Fourth Season of Family Problems]: Creator Seth Chitwood discusses that shocking final moment in the MIDSEASON FINALE, including a few others surprises, and what lies ahead for the rest of the season. New Angelwood Pictures assistant blogger, Emma Nortey , asks Chitwood a few questions about her take on the season and what others may be thinking. [Spoilers Ahead]:


EN: That was an intense midseason finale! It was also a very different format then usual (instead of showing three different moments in time just once in a row), why did you change format?

SC: I wanted that final moment of the episode to be paralleling between Carrie’s death and Ellison’s reveal to be playing off each other. These are two important moments that define the entire rest of the series. I wanted to be going back and forth between 2014 and 2045 throughout the episode.

EN: Will that be the format for the rest of the season?

SC: We will be going back to the regular format for the next set of episodes. However, we may see this kind of format again.

EN: Now, about that final moment! Carrie’s death was quite chilling and very different. How did you come up with a death like that? How did she even die?

SC: You will find out exactly what happened in the next episode. In fact, Dr. Chemmon (that crazy medical examiner played by Alex Hauck) is guest starring. I was actually intrigued by this death from the ABC series Whodunnit! in which two players had their blood drained and their bodies were propped up positions at a piano. I kind of mirrored this idea for Carrie because I wanted it to occur in the church but the murderer would make sure Carrie was preserved and at peace and not left looking brutalized.

EN: So her death wasn’t a mistake like Jennifer Grady? She wasn’t killed and then left to be found?

SC: Well was Jennifer’s death really a mistake?

EN: We can debate that later. Was Carrie’s death premeditated?

SC: I can’t really answer that. But I can say that she was not killed in the church and she was definitely cleaned up before being placed in the church for Mother Turner to find.


EN: So we can assume that Mother Turner did not kill Carrie?

SC: I wouldn’t assume anything with this series.

EN: Now let’s talk about Ellison. I did not see that coming. Was that always a part of the plan for her to be alive all along?

SC: Yes. There was still a lot for Ellison to answer for and she wasn’t allowed to just die in the season three finale. I’m surprised people didn’t already suspect she was alive. No, there is more story to tell with her in 2045! Especially when you start seeing the things she does with the church in the second half of the season. She’ll need to answer for that.

EN: I guess you’re saying the church is in trouble?

SC: There’s a transition coming.

EN: Transition?

SC: That’s all I can say. Sorry.

EN: But Ellison seemed pretty dead in the season three finale…

SC: That’s when the 2045 technology comes into place. You’ll understand exactly what went down in the next episode.

EN: So it looks like Agent Haun/Detective Lanetello may have been IN on it?

SC: You’ll see.


EN: How will Detective Elliot react?

SC: She’s pretty pissed.

EN: I would just shoot Ellison.

SC: I think that’s Elliot’s initial thought. But you’ll find out pretty quickly that Elliot kind of needs her. Remember, she went down to that basement to find the person in 2N for an important reason. You’ll understand in the next episode exactly why.

EN: Now it is more about who killed Carrie as the main murder mystery element in the series?

SC: Yes.

EN: Do we find out who killed her this season?

SC: You’ll see.

EN: Any hints?

SC: Just remember our show! Nothing is ever as it seems. Just when you think you understand what’s going on, everything changes.

EN: Any other deaths this season we should prepare for?

SC: I can’t guarantee anything. But it definitely gets darker from here on out.

EN: How does the church react to Carrie’s death?

SC: Everything changes. But not the way you may expect it. So far only Mother Turner knows about it. You’ll find out how many people actually learn about Carrie’s fate.

EN: Speaking of people reacting in the church? How about Catherine accusing Ellison of sleeping with her husband?

SC: I loved that scene when I wrote it. They both did a fantastic job when we filmed it. We really get a hint at Catherine’s life. It definitely comes more into play in the future episodes. We also get a glimpse into the kind of character Father Hamblin’s actually is.

EN: I don’t know if he’s actually a good guy?

SC: I think this episode was the start of Hamblin’s undoing. He slowly starts to unravel and his image begins to drastically change. You’ll see.

EN: Yes! Especially when he just nonchalantly admitted of the affair to Catherine.

SC: Exactly.

EN: …And now that Carrie is dead?

SC: Father Hamblin learns of Carrie in the next episode and it hits him hard.


EN: And what about Ellison? What’s going to happen when people see her pop back up in the halls of the police station?

SC: Well, Ellison is a fugitive alive or dead. Elliot is also tasked with taking her back to the people who employed her to break Ellison out. With that being said, Elliot is in a tough predicament. She has to get out of the basement with Ellison without being seen.

EN: No one will learn that Ellison is alive?

SC: I didn’t say that. Everything always comes out.


EN: You teased a photo (see above) of a woman [Mary C. Ferrara] with a bunch of people in red masks. I got very confused! What is going on? Will this be coming up soon?

SC: Crazy photo, huh? Lots of mystery there. Yes! We are getting to them very soon.

EN: That’s all you can tell me! No clues??

SC: The clues are in the photo.

EN: How many episodes are left for this season?

SC: Seven.

EN: Congrats on the upcoming 50th Episode! When will that episode premiere?

SC: It will be the second episode to air when we return from this small hiatus. It’s titled “Love”, and I think the audience will really like it. It makes for a great celebratory episode.

Family Problems returns on Thursday, May 28th at 9:00pm EST. Get caught up on the season at:

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