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EXCLUSIVE: “The Love Triangle”


Have you ever been in a relationship with two different men? Have both of the men known about it? Were they okay? These are the kinds of questions that are answered in the new dark comedy The Love Triangle premiering in Spring 2015.

Angelwood Pictures will be releasing another short film about a woman who is dating two men. However, one night, she’s forced at gunpoint to choose between which man lives and the other to die; it becomes quite the chilling triangle.

“We had a lot of fun filming this!” Says director/screenwriter Seth Chitwood. “We couldn’t stop laughing through the filming. We just had a ball.”

Katherine (Wendy Hartman) must choose between her two lovers! Will she choose the sexy fun lover, Anthony (JP Valenti), or the smart rich lover, Jake (Sean Mcpherson)? Hartman, who leads Chitwood’s series Family Problems, was the first to accept her role back in November 2013.

“I found doing this genre satisfying on so many levels as an actor. A good dark comedy accomplished the challenging task of blending the dark and twisted with the humor.” Hartman remarks about her decision to take the role; “You have to play the character truthfully as an actor as the situation demands drama, all the while maintaining broad comedy.”

Chitwood wrote the short during a Family Problems hiatus. “I was working as a crew member for the Rhode Island College production of A Winter’s Tale. There was about a two-hour period in which I was not needed. So, I found myself in an office waiting for the intermission. I didn’t have anything to work on; so I started drafting out this idea of a woman having to choose which lover to save.”

The production began in January 2014 and filmed for four days in Sagamore Beach, MA. “We filmed only at night. They were long nights (3 PM – 6 AM), but we were able to make it through because the entire cast and crew were so passionate and dedicated about the script.”

“Getting to work with such a talented cast, crew and director really helped set the tone of the film.” Hartman added.

After close to a year of post-production the film finally prepares for its premiere. Lorrie Bacon, John Samela, Henry Davis, and Lisa Jaye also cameo in the film with interesting roles. Mary Hronicek served as the production manager.

“It was just so much fun!” Chitwood said.

The short film will premiere exclusively in January. However, the worldwide premiere is set for the Spring. Check out the official trailer below (click the title to enlarge). For more information go to

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