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  • Seth Chitwood

Evan Crocker joins “Testing: The Series”

Evan Crocker is the newest addition to the upcoming horror series and has been cast in a recurring role. Angelwood Pictures released a third teaser (one of the creepiest yet) which featured Crocker. He will also appear alongside, previously announced cast member, Jared Contrada.

We still don’t know much more about the series. Angelwood Pictures teased, Tuesday, that the series will take place in the 1950s. All we know, it’s a mystery horror short series ‘exclusively’ for the web. It has kept the plot and casting tightly under wraps and plans to slowly reveal more and more about the project as it grows closer to the premiere.

Some roles have been cast, however there is still a large amount of roles open. There have been some auditions by invitation only, but sources say that there is an upcoming audition that will be released to the public at some point in September.

Crocker is a seasoned theatrical actor. He has appeared in such plays as As You Like it, Loves Labor Lost, The Crucible, and Much Ado About Nothing. Check out the newest teaser below:

The series is scheduled to air in October.

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