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  • Seth Chitwood

Elliot has a “New” Daughter

It was reported earlier this year that Family Problems will be replacing Detective Elliot’s (Natasha Hatalsky) daughter, Lilly, with a new actress this season. Lilia Smyth will be replaced by Avery Evans in the role.

Smyth unfortunately left the series due to issues with her schedule. Evans quickly took the role a few days before production started.

“Working with Lilia was a gift. She is an amazing person as well as a wonderful actress. We were so sorry she had to leave, but we were overjoyed at the unique opportunity presented to her that took her away from us.” Hatalsky explained.

“Avery came in mid-stream, and right into some of the most charged scenes between Lilly and her mother (Elliot). She did a lovely job with creating a Lilly that was fully her own—different, but equally complex and interesting.” Hatalsky added.

“It was a smooth transition. I think the audience will accept her as the new character.” Creator Seth Chitwood stated.

The series premieres Thursday, March 26th at 9:00pm EST. Lilly will make an appearance later in the season.

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