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  • Seth Chitwood

Announcing the 1st Annual Angel Awards

Angelwood Pictures is planning an award ceremony for later this fall which will highlight the many outstanding performances and projects under the production company, this past year. The event will also feature nine awards (the nominations will be announced mid-August) as well as a few honorable mention awards. Some of the awards include Outstanding Lead, Supporting, and Guest Performers.

The considered performers have been selected and are currently being voted by a selected unbiased panel featuring several international web creators and members of the New England Film Industry Community consisting of producers, directors, and actors. From this vote, the category will be cut down to three to five nominees each depending on the vote.

Selected Performers had to appear in an Angelwood Pictures production within May 5, 2014 – July 1, 2015. The shows under consideration are Family Problems (Season 3 & 4), Lungs (Season 3 & 4), In the Bedroom (Season 1), and the short film The Love Triangle.

Along with the awards, the event will feature scenes from each of its web series and projects from the past year and even include a special musical performance. It will also premiere clips from upcoming Angelwood Pictures productions including The Resurrection of Victoria Wheeler, The House Sitter, Bad Luck Guys, and the most anticipated mini web series event The Girl in the Attic. Also some clips will feature past projects including Red Circles, World’s Worst Director, The Women of Harry, and The Dreamer.

Tickets will be available in September.  

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