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Angelwood will drop all five episodes of Resurrection of Victoria Wheeler TODAY!

Surprise! Angelwood Pictures is ending the 2020 with one more series. Without warning, the production company posted a teaser announcing that all five episodes of THE RESURRECTION OF VICTORIA WHEELER will premiere at 3pm EST today (December 30). You can watch the official teaser HERE.

The series follows Arnold Madison (David Afflick), and his family, as they search for their kidnapped son. They believe he has been taken by the same man that murdered Arnold’s first wife, Victoria (Sheri Lee). After searching for almost two weeks, they are about to lose all hope when they receive assistance from an unexpected visitor. Also Starring: Wendy Hartman, John Samela, Gia Dill, Mark Haggett, and Mary M. Fleming.

Series Created and Directed By Seth Chitwood. Produced By Gia Dill. Executive Producers: Glenn Dill, Marty Smith, & Wendy Hartman. Cinematography By Paul Anthony Speziale.

The project has been on a long journey. It was originally a feature film that was shot in March 2017. The film was scrapped and turned into a series. The first season (aka part 1) was filmed in January 2018. Then, due to several post-production issues and delays, the production had been shelved and not active since July 2018. Part 2 has yet to be filmed. Now, without any hints or official announcements, all five episodes will air later this afternoon.

This will mark Angelwood Pictures’s ninth web series. It released the series LUNA, THE WITCH, earlier this year, which is now available on Prime Video. Resurrection of Victoria Wheeler will be available on Youtube.

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