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Angelwood Pictures: Production Announcement


Testing: The Series Filming (June 4 – June 30) Season 2 Midseason Finale: Friday, April 14 Angelwood Pictures / Beantown Statie Production Company presents the short horror web series about a lab administering secret experiments and running human trials for unknown reasons. Starring: Casey Grace Murtagh, Tony Ramos Wright, Jenny Tyrrell, Heather Stapleton, Dana Wine, Judith Maloney, Maureen Vlaco, and Charlie Alejandro Satus: In-Production, Post-Production

The Girl in the Attic Season 2 Release Date: June 4 2017 The mini series event is about five people who dream of a young girl trapped in an attic. The group comes together to solve a hundred-year kidnapping and help a desperate young spirit finally find peace. Starring: Tanja Melendez Lynch, David Afflick, Kathryn Shasha, Alexa Hartman, & Karen Ann Martino Satus: Post-Production

The Resurrection of Victoria Wheeler  (Feature Film) Release Date: Spring 2017 When a son goes missing, his father connects his son’s disappearance to his wife’s kidnapping and murder twelve years ago. With the assistance of a medium and her team, Victoria assists the family and police to locate the missing child. Starring: David Afflick, Wendy Hartman, Maria Natapov, and Mary Fleming Satus: Post-Production

Code 13: Unreadable (Pilot) Pilot Release Date: Fall 2017 A team of state troopers, referred to by the ‘Dream Team’, work together to find a girl after a botched undercover operation leads to her kidnapping. With only her outgoing audio to help them, they search the city for any leads to save the girl in time. Starring: Pamela Jayne Morgan, Alaina Gianci, Timothy O’Malley, Leslie Trentalange, and Sean Martin Satus: Filming/Post-Production

World’s Worst Director: Season 3 (10-Episode Web Series) Production Hold: Resumes Summer 2017   The series revolves around a crazy director who has entered into a 48-hour film challenge and must deal with the chaos and disasters that follow. Based on real life events, the mockumentary comedy series deals with several issues within the indie film industry. Starring: Seth Chitwood & Mary C. Ferrara Satus: Pre-Production

The Curse A bad luck curse overtakes a small town and the only hope to save everyone falls in the hands of a surprising young hero. Status: In-Development/Pre-Production

Innocent / Guilty (“Test Pilot” Episode/Teaser) Production Begins: July 2017 The pilot series begins production in April. Elaine is a top defense attorney in New York City. After a horrific car accident, she is left with the ability to see “Innocent” or “Guilty” on the foreheads of all her clients. Starring: Marybeth Paul, Ulisses Gonsalves Satus: Pre-Production

Limbo (“Test Pilot” Episode) Production Hold: TBA There’s much more than you know that happens to you after you die. The series tells the story of a group of defense attorneys who are assigned cases to the deceased and must help defend them in a court of law upon the decision if they go to heaven or hell. Status: In-Development/Pre-Production


Assassins of Time Production Status: TBD Two assassins are hired to go backwards and forward in time to assassinate marks that help balance the timeline. One assassin kills “good people” and the other assassin kills “bad people”.

Into the Snoring Production Cancelled A spin-off series based on the award-winning web series, In the Bedroom, about a young son who tries to survive a weekend at his grandmother’s house when he is forced to share a bed with his loud, gross, snoring father.

Red Circles: The Movie Production Cancelled Based on the award-winning web series by Angelwood Pictures, Red Circles: The Movie, is about a Detective Sophie Arlington who investigates a horrific murder. Turns out it has ties to a similar murder investigated by her father twenty-years earlier. As the investigation continues, Sophie uncovers not only a twenty-year mystery that links the real world with the afterlife, but a conspiracy that will change her life forever.

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