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Angelwood Pictures now offers following services!

ANGELWOOD PICTURES has released a set of new services! Get the exclusive below! We are now offering private online classes and services through Angelwood Pictures. You can sign-up or receive more information by contacting:

*ACTING REELS With a history of professional marketing experience, we use our skills and past experiences to craft a perfectly-paced reel that sets you apart from others. We are offering services for personalized and professional acting/demo reels, scene or project clips, and testimonial interview clips. *2-minute acting reels start at $125* *E-mail us for specific quotes

Are you an Angelwood Pictures performer? We are now offering services to send you clips or reels based on your performances. As of March, we are no longer offering free services to send you clips (unless you currently have a previous agreement). Content available for reels are available to download online. We will no longer send original, cut, or uncompressed clips without an hourly work fee of $25/h.

*SOCIAL MEDIA ASSISTANCE WORKSHOP Marketing yourself successfully on social media is now a major part of this career. If you wan to improve or enhance your social media skills or start building your own platform in social media and inbound marketing then our social media course will help you!

We are offering online private 75-minute sessions. We will offer reviews or “check-ins” to examine your social media presence and give you tips to improve your marketing. Students will take a survey so we can specifically teach to your exact needs. 75-minute Class: $65 20-minute Reviews: $30

We can also offer discounted services for any additional media needs (i.e. headshots, reels, testimonials, ect.) Prices vary.


We will be teaching an online screenwriting program to anyone interested in learning or enhancing their writing skills. We teach format, narrative, brainstorming, organization, and editing. We will teach you how to use programs like FinalDraft or Celtx. We will also edit and give feedback to any of your work submitted. You will learn the fundamentals to write a feature length, short film, television, or web series script. 90-minute Class: $80 30-minute Reviews: $25

*MONOLOGUE WORKSHOP We are offering a 60-minute online workshop for monologue critiques. The Monologue Workshop is designed for the preparation of audition material. This class is for actors who are actively auditioning and in need of good audition material. We will also give you a directorial approach to effectively mount and execute the choice to best demonstrate your skills. 60-minute Class: $55 30-minute Class: $30

*Want a custom monologue? We can also write you one. Ask how.

Submit for any classes or service at: 

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