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20 Episode order for “World’s Worst Director: Season 3″. MEET THE TEN WRITERS!


Angelwood Pictures announced at the 2015 Angelwood Pictures’ Angel Awards that its comedy web series “World’s Worst Director” will be returning for a third season. It’s now been announced that it’s getting a whopping 20 Episode order! And that’s not the only new change. The season is currently being written by ten additional writers.

Frank O’Donnell, Mary C. Ferrara, Alexander Hauck, Audrey Noone, Jeremy Labrie, Brianna Shockley, Curtis Reid, Krystal Hall, Charlie Alejandro, and Michele Mortensen are currently hard at work writing the comedy mockumentarty series.

The web series surrounds the character Moses (Seth Chitwood) who deals with the drama of creating a film project. This season, Moses returns from New York to convince his old assistant, Katie (Mary C. Ferrara), to work with him. He is soon forced to create a short film for a prestigious film festival and thus thrown back into the local indie film world full of egos, crazies, divas, drama, and stress. Meanwhile, other problems arise in his personal life – including a competing production company. 

Seth Chitwood created the series in 2012. The series ran for two seasons and was cancelled in 2013. Now, it will make a full return and is expected to premiere in September. Chitwood will also return as the creator and head writer.


Catch up on past episodes of “World’s Worst Director” on its official web site here.


FRANK O’DONNELL – Writer/Jack (Moses’ Dad)

Frank O’Donnell has been performing and writing comedy for over 30 years, getting his start with a radio team in Providence. He’s since written for folks like Jay Leno, Joe Piscopo and Bob Hope. He’s opened for acts like Chicago, Michael Bolton, David Brenner, Richard Lewis and more. In 2014, he was named Rhode Island’s Best Comedian by readers of The Providence Phoenix. He’s written four plays that have been produced locally to excellent reviews, and has appeared in dozens of plays, including his professional debut as Big Jule in “Guys & Dolls” at the Ocean State Theatre Company. Frank appeared as a Detective J. Arlington in Seth Chitwood’s “Red Circles, ” and plays Moses’ father, Jack, in “World’s Worst Director.” He wrote an episode of the “In The Bedroom” series, and is delighted to be writing an episode of the new season of “World’s Worst Director,” which will feature his reunion with the love of his WWD life, Ann Kulichik.


MARY C. FERRARA – Writer/Katie

After acting and directing for World’s Worst Director, Mary C. Ferrara is happy to be finally on the writing side of one of the funnest projects she’s ever been a part of! Since Season 1 of of the show, she’s played the part of Katie, Moses’ beleaguered assistant. In 2013, the role got her a nomination for a Motif Magazine Film and Theatre Award for Best Actress. She has acted in three other projects of Angelwood Pictures: The Women of Harry (short film), Red Circles (web series), and Family Problems (web series), where she won a 2015 Angel Award for her role as the evil Larissa. Outside of film she enjoys doing theatre and voice over.


AUDREY NOONE – Writer/Millie (Moses’ mom)

Audrey Noone is an actress, writer and award winning director, who’s short films have played in over 30 festivals. She produces her own scripts, and has also had her scripts produced by several other production companies. Her script for the “In The Bedroom” web series was nominated for outstanding guest writing. She is also letting her hair down and swinging her hips to play the mother of the World’s Worst Director.


CURTIS REID – Writer/Connor

Curtis Reid is very excited to be a part of the writing team for a brand new season of “World’s Worst Director”. Not only did he watch the first two seasons as they were released, but he also appeared in three episodes of season two as “Connor”, an actor from the series within the series. Curtis has worked with Seth Chitwood, (and Angelwood Pictures), for a few years. In addition to some acting work on “Red Circles” and “World’s Worst Director”, he was also a Board member for the award-winning series, “In the Bedroom”. Curtis worked as a Producer for all 13 episodes of “In the Bedroom” and assisted with location managing, casting, script supervising, and even directed one of the episodes entitled “Mr. Sandman”. Curtis has always been passionate about film and television, and over the last three years, has been working as an actor and producer on projects throughout New England. He spends a lot of his time working as a Producer for Shoot the Moon Films, which is a production company that he co-founded with Jeffrey Buchbinder, a friend and cinematographer from Connecticut. Curtis is really excited to expand his writing credits with season three of “Worlds’ Worst Director”, and looks forward to bringing back the hilarious story and characters with a great team of people.



Jeremy Labrie has stepped out from in front of the camera to begin his journey into the world of writing. He has recently adapted a story entitled “The Lifestyle” into a feature length screenplay and has also collaborated in the web series “The Father Galen Show”. Having been cast in the web series “Family Problems” he was very excited to work again with Angelwood Pictures, this time writing for the “World’s Worst Director” series.



Michele Mortensen is a actress, stand-up comic, professional musician, and writer. She is delighted to be joining Angelwood Pictures as a writer for the third season of “World’s Worst Director.” Michele has appeared in over twenty-five films, including the upcoming “Spin the Plate,” as well as the independent feature “Justice is Mind.” She has appeared in several web series and commercials and was recently seen as the disco dancing “Pam in Accounting” in a Staples Advantage spot. She was also in an Elite Daily video (“Grandmas Define Modern Slang”) that was featured in the Huffington Post. She has formerly a writer for “The Steve Katsos Show” and is now working on her first screenplay.



Alexander Hauck is a non union actor who has had the pleasure of working with Angelwood Productions on their extremely successful webseries “Family Problems” as Dr. Chemmon and will be seen playing the role of Wilfred this Halloween in “The Resurrection of Victoria Wheeler”. He has been a part of many great productions in front and behind the camera including “DJ Stan Da Man” with Boombastic Films and “Gilgamesh” The Boston Film Family. Most recently he has collaborated again with Boombastic films to play the role of Thomas Cosgrove in their slasher comedy “Groundhog” and will soon be seen in “60 Seconds 2 Die” with The Boston Film Family playing the role of Mr. Clean. He is also very happy and privileged to have a chance to write an episode for this up and coming season of “World’s Worst Director”.


CHARLIE ALEJANDRO – Writer/Jackie Sutherland

Charlie Alejandro is a retired trooper, stunt performer, actress and motivational speaker. She started writing as a young child when she wrote her first play in 5th grade. Since then she has gone on to write short stories, screen plays and her blog “the extraordinary life of an ordinary woman” was the recipient of the Bloggie award 3 years running. She along with the amazing writing team of Angelwood pictures were the winners of the LA Webfest award for best writing for the web series “In the bedroom” in 2015. She is also the recipient of the 2015 Angel Award for Outstanding Guest Writing for her episode “The Anniversary” in the web series In the Bedroom. She is currently working on a full feature film with Seth Chitwood and her novel will be completed at the end of 2016. Charlie is excited to be on the writing team foe “World’s Worst Director”.



Brianna Shockley is a sound recordist, production assistant, grip, actor, and writer. She is pleased to yet again work with Seth Chitwood and many others at  Angelwood Pictures for the third season of the web series “Worlds Worst Director”. Specifically, she has worked as a production assistant on the web series “Family Problems” 2015, and the upcoming web series “Girl in the Attic” as a grip.  Writing for Angelwood pictures is a first for Brianna, she is ecstatic to be a part of another amazing series!


KRYSTAL HALL – Writer/Mathilda

Krystal Hall is very excited to return as a writer and as Mathilda this season. She is a RIC graduate with a minor in Creative Writing. Krystal has also worked alongside Seth Chitwood as “Detective Alison Erics” in Red Circles and as “Woman 21” in The Women of Harry. Also, she had been production assistant for Family Problems and Lungs.

Stephanie Eaton and Paula Dellatte are also assistant writers/editors for the series.

Catch up on past episodes of “World’s Worst Director” on its official web site here.

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