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Season 4 Other Cast/Crew

Charlie Alejandro as Officer Margaret Linden
Wendy Hartman as Hope Highfield (won Outstanding Dayplayer at the 2015 Angel Awards)
Paula Dellatte as Geraldine
Tony Ramos Wright as Arthur
Lisa Jaye as Poverty
Haley Pine as Emily
LaNecia Edmonds as Gabrielle
Paul Kandarian as Sherlock
Monica Saviolakis as Claire
Seth Chitwood as Trevor

Featuring Background By
Van Brockmann
Christie Devine
Lin Hultgren
Jacob Laviolette
Aidan Pine
Morgan Pine
Mary Beth Powers
Marty Smith
Louisa Lamarre

Written, Filmed, and Directed By Seth Chitwood
Produced By Jan Waldman
Executive Produced By Howard Waldman & Seth Chitwood

Set Designs By Mary Hronicek

Production Assistance By
Mary Hronicek
Haley Pine
Gia Dill
Karen Ann Martino
Mikhaila Waldman

Photos By Seth Chitwood
Website By Mary C. Ferrara