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Season 3 Other Cast/Crew

Natasha Hatalsky as Witch
Charlie Alejandro as Officer Margaret Linden
JP Valenti as The Jackal
Wendy Hartman as Hope Highfield (won Outstanding Dayplayer at the 2015 Angel Awards)
Izabella Latessa as Girl
Paula Dellatte as Geraldine
Tony Ramos Wright as Arthur
David Reid as Thomas
Melanie Roth as Skylar
Kevin Michael Strauss as Will

Written, filmed and directed by Seth Chitwood
Produced By Susan Fountain
Executive produced by Seth Chitwood & Jan Waldman
Associate executive produced by Allison Bradshaw, Randy Veraguas, and Stobie Piel

Set Designs By Mary Hronicek

Production Assistance By
Jan Waldman
Mary Hronicek
Krystal Hall
Jeanne Lohnes

Series Thank You
Noel Jensen
Jeanne Lohnes
Jan Waldman
Charlie Alejandro
Jordan Angelo
John Martin
Faye Zuckerman
Allison Bradshaw
Roy Y. Chan
Evan Clinton
Paula Dellatte
Erica Derrickson
Dan Greenleaf
Diane Greenleaf
Stacey Iwanicki-Forbes
Rob Lamagna
Judith Maloney
Karen Ann Martino
Ashley Paolino
Mary Jane Brennan Sangiolo
Dawn Venuto
Randy Veraguas
Jaquelyn Weatherbee
Richard C. Bailey
Carlyne Fournier
Kat Lef
Michael D. Murphy Sr.
Mary Wright
Method of Madness
All Stories Theater Company
Highfield Hall and Gardens

Photos by Seth Chitwood
Website by Mary C. Ferrara