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LUNGS - the web series.
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Grace (Teddi Grace/Kimberly Mae (Season 1-2)) leaves everything behind and finds herself in the middle of the Hope Trail where she begins a walk to find understanding within her chaotic life. She meets other walkers along the way including Saree (Ellen Levenson); a walker who has been walking on the trail for two years and seems to understand and have the experience that Grace needs to start her journey. She also meets Daniel (David Sackal) a mysterious hunk who is also a walker. Grace is surprised in herself when she begins to take a liking to him. Sherlock (Paul Kandarian) a traveler who likes to learn and give information about all the areas they are walking.

Like all journeys, Grace will face several hurdles and many difficulties to reach the end. But - like the name - she hopes that the trail will shed light on who she really is and help understand herself again.

*Contains Season Three Spoilers

In the season finale, Sherlock dies of a heart attack making everyone on the trail question their futures. Grace begs the group to leave her alone and abandons them on the trail. Saree decides to leave the trail and return home. Meanwhile, Daniel returns to his old ways by finding another woman to be with him in his tent. Grace continues walking on the trail, and ends up helping a lost walker by the name Will. When he asks for her name, she mysteriously replies with the name "Hope."