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Alexa Hartman | Wendy Hartman | Avery Hatch | Charlie Tacker | Karen Ann Martino |  View Full Cast



Created By Seth Chitwood | Directed By Seth Chitwood (Season 1 & 3), Paige Compton (Season 2) | 
Cinematography By Seng Varipath, Christina Hickey | Additional Cinematography By John Martin and Brendan Eagan |


First Assistant Director: Kate Lugtu | Second Assistant Director: Brianna Young | Executive Producers: Charlie Tacker and Seth Chitwood | Associate Producers: Deanne Langone, Nancy Woodcock, and Jan Waldman | Writers: William Lawrence, Marisol Cassariego, Erin Tobin, Curtis Reid, Angela Harrer, and Pamela Hatch | Unit Production Manager: Erin Tobin | Music By: Tanis Chalopin | Production Designer: Pamela Hatch | Art Director: Lily Urquhart Gaffer: Ryan Guimares |Edited By Augustin So | Script Supervisors: Alicia Moore and Kaitlin Glick | Assistant Editor: Luodawei Xiao | View Full Crew


2024 | LA Web Fest | WINNER: Best Actress (Alexa Hartman)


2024 | New Bedford Film Festival | WINNER: Best Actress in a TV Series (Karen Ann Martino)


2023 | New Jersey Web Fest | Nominations for Outstanding Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Best Lead Performance in a Sci-Fi or Fantasy (Alexa Hartman), and Best Director in a Sci-Fi or Fantasy (Paige Compton).


2023 | LA Web Fest | Nominations for Best Actress (Alexa Hartman), Best Visual/Special Effects, and Best Action Series

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