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In The Bedroom - the web series

Season 1 – Episode 9: Marriage is Bliss

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Mike Messier Mike Messier (Director/Writer)
Rhode Island College graduate, Messier is an actor who teaches an acting class called C.O.R.E. A.C.T.I.N.G. in Providence. He has written several screenplays including: Feel the Bang!, Chris and the Coffee Girl, God in My Best Friend, Bad Girls with Good Tattoos, Skandanna, and Oh God, Last Place. He also hosted the series The Mike Messier Show and co-hosts To The Edge. Messier's objective is to make films which have a positive impact on society by using sharp dialogue, riveting storylines, and profound character development. Twitter: @MikeMessier.

LaNecia EdmondsLaNecia Edmonds as Wife
LaNecia started taking acting classes in 2010. She has since studied with Bates Wilder, Carolyn Pickman, Mike Messier, and Molli Benson to hone her skills and find a technique that works. Throughout the years she has acquired a wide range of acting jobs from independent films to industrials and local commercials. "I am grateful to have a role in the In the Bedroom series. Thank you everyone for your hard work." Twitter: @LaNecia_Edmonds.

Jose ConsalvesJose Consalves as Husband
Film: Promise, One Night in Jamestown, Meat Prey Love, Killing Kahn, Family Dinner, After, No Place for Soft Eyes, The Fishbowl, Future Justice, The Debt, Future Justice, Sins of Dracula, Ted. Jose is a graduate of Rhode Island College.