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In The Bedroom - the web series

Season 1 – Episode 5: Magnetic Attraction

About Cast/Crew Bios

Cate Carson Cate Carson (Director)
Cate Carson is a Boston actress who has recently portrayed varied roles—from an action heroine to a grieving widow. Her expert background in military and law enforcement lends another side to her unique skillset and personality. Film credits include: District C-11, Dead Bounty, Moonflower, Lucid, Bardo, La Faim, Hands, The Final Shift, Back to the Beyond, White. Cate is also the co-founder of Sensorium Pictures. Twitter: @catecarson.

Jill Poisson Jill Poisson (Writer)
Direction: The Gilgo Beach Murders (Co-Director), Normal (Assistant Director), Human Nature (Line producer), V.A.M.L. Fear Itself (Assistant Director), Lay of the Land, Promise, Love Fools. Writing: HARD Data, Promise, In the Beginning, Ichor, MAIZE. Founder of Eyeris Productions. Twitter: @JillPoisson.

Lorrie BaconLorrie Bacon
Credits include: The Love Triangle, The Dim Lights of Broadway, Please Punish Me, Family Problems (D.A. Kinger), Lonesome Thoughts, Red Circles, Lucid, World's Worst Director, The Women of Harry, and Cathedral Pines. She also worked in a local theatre company that solely performed new work plays, called World Premier Theatre/Plays in Progress. That's where Lorrie learned the most about her craft and herself. She became even more of a dedicated and serious actress and found her true passion. Presently, Lorrie resides on the east coast in a western Massachusetts town called East Longmeadow.

JP ValentiJP Valenti
Born Jeffrey-Paul Valenti in Hartford, CT to a blue-collar Italian-American family, J.P. learned at an early age the importance of hard work, dedication and perseverance. He was raised by a strong independent single mother, Paula, who constantly reinforced in him the idea that he could become anything he set his mind to. From the time he was a young child he has always gravitated to creative arts. In 2006, he attended the University of Connecticut where he double majored in Communication Sciences and Sociology. Film credits include: Blue Suede, 15MOF Redemption, Sensory Perception, The Love Triangle, Caped Crusader: The Dark Hours, Theory of Conflict.