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In The Bedroom - the web series

Season 1 – Episode 12: Happy Endings

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Chris Esper Chris Esper (Writer/Director)
Chris Esper is a director based out of Attleboro, MA. Originally from New Jersey, Chris developed a passion and love for film at a very young age. When he was in his teens, he received his first camera and started experimenting with it. After high school, he attended New England Institute of Technology in East Greenwich, RI where he received his Bachelor's Degree in Digital Recording Arts. He has since directed several short films including, Still Life, a personal story about what it means to be an artist. The film has gone on to receive critical acclaim, worldwide distribution, accepted and screened at New Filmmaker's New York Film Festival and won the "Best Film Editing" award at the 2013 Motif Theater and Film Awards. Aside from short films, he has also directed music videos, corporate videos and has also worked on other New England productions in the camera and editing department; all the while building a name for himself in the process. With several projects on the horizon, including Please Punish Me and a feature film, Chris continues to work closer to his dreams. Outstanding Guest Director for Out the Window (Angel Awards, 2015). Twitter: @Chris_Esper.

Cailey KilpatrickCailey Kilpatrick as Maria
Cailey Kilpatrick is a gifted dramatic actress and started her acting career in theater at the age of 14. Cailey has lived in four different states and has attended 20 different schools. She enjoys performing dramatic/damaged characters the best, however she can't pass up an oddball character or comedic script! Cailey just began her film career this past October and is enjoying learning and growing along with her fellow thespians. Twitter: @Caileykilla.

Topher HanssonTopher Hansson as Tom
Topher Hansson is a multi-dimensional actor who has been entertaining others since childhood. Topher fell in love with performing at an early age and spent his formative years creating and starring in a series of short films and television shows alongside his childhood friends. His ever-growing passion and determination has evolved, leading him into starring roles in features and short films in the Boston Indie scene. Topher is also an accomplished musician, well-learned in multiple instruments, and is a burgeoning stand-up comedian. One of the up and coming creative minds in the entertainment industry, Topher hopes to leave his mark as an actor on as many different avenues as possible, all the while entertaining and inspiring others along the way. Twitter: @THanssonactor.