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In The Bedroom - the web series

Having a long history with web series, creator Seth Chitwood, wanted to create another project that was a collaborative effort between some of New England's most talented and passionate filmmakers.

The idea was to create a series in which every episode had the same theme, but the stories were not interconnected. After some thoughtful consideration about concepts that would work well, In the Bedroom was born! And since then, he has developed a talented board of filmmakers who bring a variety of skills to the production team. Each episode will be about 5-7 minutes in length and feature two different actors dealing with some kind of conflict (in the bedroom), and will be directed and written by different filmmakers.

Once he had the concept in mind, he reached out to a group of filmmakers whom he knew would help in getting this project off the ground. He knew it was essential that the series remained a collaborative effort, and that decisions would have to be made by a core group of intelligent and passionate people.

The board members include: Carlyne Fournier, Curtis Reid, Stephanie Castaños, Chris Esper, Creusa Michelazzo, Jr Hepburn, Andrew Adler, and Rosemary Pacheco - with additional assistance from Mike Messier and Marie Brandt.

After meeting with the board members and determining the direction of the series, they picked the first thirteen episodes. It was at this time that they then set up an audition process in which over 150+ actors submitted, and 51 were then selected to audition!

Seth knew that it would be a challenge, but is confident now that he has an incredible team and cast ready to make the first season a success and bring In the Bedroom to life.