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Family Problems - the mystery web series

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Season 5 Cast

Natasha Hatalsky as Detective Christina Elliot
Wendy Hartman as Sargent Rebecca Ellison
Tony Ramos Wright as Father Jacob Hamblin
Kathryn Shasha as Agent Cable
John Samela as Chief Alexander Hudson
Susan Waletkus as Detective Penelope Grant
Jonathan Sartell as Dylan Hamblin
Paula Dellatte as D.A. Waller
Mary C. Ferrara as Larissa
Karen Ann Martino as Mother Turner

Rob Floyd as Detective Vincent Elliot
Luisa Badaracco as Catherine Hamblin
Charlie Alejandro as Elena Maretto
Deirdre Robins as Felecia
Eddie Frateschi as Detective Edwards
Lorrie Bacon as A.D.A. Caroline Kinger Alexander Hauck as Dr. Chemmon
Sara Piche as Carrie
Avery Evans as Lilly Elliot
Brendan Kenahan as Adam
Lin Hultgren as Agent Wyatt
Jennifer Walsh as Adult Felecia
JP Valenti as Detective Lockhart
Damon D'Amico as Isaac
Zele Avradopoulos as Sandra
Richard Chandler as Nathan
Alaina Gianci as Detective Pratt
Andrew Faria as Patrick
Michaelah Nunes as Carol
Stacey Iwanicki-Forbes as Det. Elizabeth Hunt
Herlin Navarro as Agent Ruth
Maureen Vlaco as M.E. Hette
Bradley Rhodes as Robert Frankfurd
Marie Brandt as Agent Lanetello
Donnie Doroni as Madison
Peter Maynard as Gunmen #1
Jeremy Labrie as Detective Casey
Herb Fuchs as Harold
Pamela Jayne Morgan as Sister Hill
Kirsten Grimes as Sharon Melson
Christie Devine as Hannah
Elle Doucette as Hilary
Chris Tangredi as Detective Davis
Nicole Talbot as Young Larissa
Danielle Morse as Officer Wilson
Connor Holden as Officer

Created By Seth Chitwood
Directed & Filmed By Seth Chitwood
Executive Produced By Seth Chitwood

Stunts By Doug Jacobs
Police Training By Charlie Alejandro & Mel Alejandro
Web Site By Mary C. Ferrara

Special Thanks

Season 5 Main Cast Biographies

Natasha Hatalsky as Detective Christina ElliotNatasha Hatalsky as Detective Christina Elliot
Web Series: World's Worst Director (Stage Mother). Film: Closing Cost (Ivana), Domestic Horror, Benny's Eye, Riff Raff, Fidelity, Fright of the Museum, A Fistful of Dice, Fortune's Rushing Fools. Theatre: Twelfth Night (Olivia), Women of Troy, The Belle of Amherst, California Suite, Orantio's Education, The House of Love. Brandeis University Summa Cum Laude graduate in Theater Arts (Acting). Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series for Family Problems (LAWEBFEST, 2015).
Wendy Hartman as Detective Rebecca EllisonWendy Hartman as Detective Rebecca Ellison
Film: The Resurrection of Victoria Wheeler (principal/feature), The Love Triangle (principal/short), This Time Each Year (supporting/feature), The Numbers Game (principal/short), Psychotica (supporting/feature), The Interview (principal/short), District C-11 (news anchor/feature). Web Series: Lungs, In The Bedroom. Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series for Family Problems (LAWEBFEST, 2015).
Tony Ramos Wright at Father Jacob HamblinTony Ramos Wright at Father Jacob Hamblin
Film: The Legend of Moll, District C-11, Couples, Exceptional, The Joneses, Shades of Gray, Turned Gay, Grace, Dog Eat Dog, New Best Friends, Edge of Darkness. TV: Gilded Lilys, Brotherhood, Dawson's Creek. Industrial: Friendly's Restaurant, Western Governor's University, Polycom, Neoscape, RICOH, Red Eye iPhone App. Outstanding Lead Actor for Family Problems (Angel Awards, 2015).
Kathryn Shasha as Agent CableKathryn Shasha as Agent Cable
Web series: Newport RI: The Series. Film: The Pizza Makers, The Way Way Back, The Longest Week, Winter's Tale, The Wolf of Wall Street, The Producers, The Ouija Knows, Silent Lynx, Sex Drive, American Hustle, R.I.P.D.. TV: The Americans, Zero Hour, Pan Am. She is an alumnus of The Williams School of Acting in New London, Connecticut.
John Samela as Chief Alexander HudsonJohn Samela as Chief Alexander Hudson
Web series: World's Worst Director (Sean the Zookeeper), In the Bedroom. Film: The Love Triangle. Theatre: Richard III, One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, Jonesin', Pride and Prejudice, You Never Can Tell, Landscape of the Body, Taming of the Shrew. Graduated with a BFA in Theatre Performance from the University of Michigan. Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series for Family Problems (LAWEBFEST, 2015).
Susan Waletkus as Detective Penelope GrantSusan Waletkus as Detective Penelope Grant
Film: Caped Crusader: The Dark Hours, Sunny Side Up, Theory of Conflict, Silence, Exceptional, Don't Let Go, District C-11, Back2one, Justice is Mind, Take My Keys.
Jonathan Sartell as Dylan HamblinJonathan Sartell as Dylan Hamblin
Web series: Welcome to Grandpaville (Spencer). Film: Consume, Infurus, Sanctuary. Theatre: The Shadow Box, Rebel with a Cause, Aida, The Laramie Project, The Grapes of Wrath. Graduate of Ferrum College with a BFA in Acting & Directing.
Paula Dellatte as D.A. Cheryl WallerPaula Dellatte as D.A. Cheryl Waller
Film: Seed, Don't Let Go, Justice is Mind, The Killing Business, In Your Eyes, Obey the Giant, Cooper, The House on Broad Street, Upon Life's Shore, Mark of the Dog Rose, That's my Boy, Human Nature, Louder than Words, Strangers. TV: Spontaneous Construction, Moving Minds, The Best in the Biz. Outstanding Supporting Actress for Family Problems (Angel Awards, 2015).
Mary C. Ferrara as LarissaMary C. Ferrara as Larissa
Web series: Magicland (Candy), Paper Trail (Dr. Wendt), World's Worst Director (Katie), Red Circles (Gloria Jackson). Film: The Legend of Moll, The Priest, Scary Little Fuckers, District C-11, The House. Theatre: Dogg's Hamlet, Cahoot's MacBeth (Lady MacBeth), Old Acquaintance (Milly), August: Osage County (Barbara), King Lear (Goneril), Romeo & Juiet (Lady Montague), A Midsummer Night's Dream (Helena). Outstanding Guest Actress for Family Problems (Angel Awards, 2015).
Karen Ann Martino as Mother TurnerKaren Ann Martino as Mother Turner
Web series: For The Love of Zeus (Demeter), The Folklorist. Film: Greta, All That You Can't Leave Behind, The Judge, Back2one, American Hustle, Siren, Grown Ups 2, In Your Eyes, Mark of the Dog Rose. TV: Clarissa's World Pilot, Spontaneous Construction.
Rob Floyd as Detective Vincent ElliotRob Floyd as Detective Vincent Elliot
Film: The Judge, JFK Assasinations (JFK), Captain Phillips (Jonathan), ZooKeeper, School Ties, The Love Way, My Baby Alice. Industrial: Foxwoods, New York Life, Mass AV, LEAF Web Video. Featured as the in-game radio in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Graduated with a degree in Film Production from Fitchburg State University. Outstanding Guest Actor for Family Problems (Angel Awards, 2015).
Luisa Badaracco as Catherine HamblinLuisa Badaracco as Catherine Hamblin
Film: After Adam, Blood Brothers, Summer Job, Having Fun up There, Unabashed, Cover to Cover, Lazarus Rising, Spoiled Girl, Inventory. Theatre: Blue Window, Frost/Nixon, Twelfth Night, The Tempest, Sunday on the Rocks, On Demand.
Charlie Alejandro as Detective Elena MarettoCharlie Alejandro as Detective Elena Maretto
Alejandro is a successful actress in the New England area with such credits including: Web series: World's Worst Director (Jackie the Reporter), Lungs, Red Circles. TV. Health PSA, Talk of the Town, Lowell Folk Festival, Water Festival Promotional. Theatre: Pioneers, West Side Story, Flowers of Algernon, Café Murder. Lowell Woman of the Year 2000.
Seth Chitwood Seth Chitwood (Creator, Executive Producer, Director, Writer, Cinematographer)
Creator, web series: In the Bedroom (Director, 2 episodes. Writer, 4 episodes. Winner of four LAWEBFEST Awards). Direction, web series: Lungs (Creator, Winner of four LAWEBFEST Awards), Red Circles (Creator, Winner of eight LAWEBFEST awards), World's Worst Director (Creator, Official Selection of the 2013 LAWEBFEST), The Dreamer (Creator). Direction, film: The Love Triangle, THEM, Spidered, Stress 101 (RIIFF honor, LCFF award). Theatre: Oliver Twist (vocal coach), A Cold Day In Hell, Going to School (BDF Outstanding Director), The Katrina Project (BDF Outstanding Director), Fairy Frog. Seth is the co-founder of Angelwood Pictures. Check out the Angelwood site to find out more about his current and past projects.