Testing: The Series
Fridays at 9pm ET

Written & Created By Seth Chitwood
Director: Seth Chitwood
Production Coordinator: Acei Martin
Associate Producer: Anny Din
Production Manager: Dov Kling-Levine
Script Supervisor: Stephanie Eaton
Cinematography By Seng2KX and Tommy Bo
Music Production By Kahdiak
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About Cast Episodes

Starring: Dana Wine, Jennifer Patricia Tyrrell, Heather Stapleton, Acei Martin, and Charlie Alejandro.

Also Starring: Casey Grace Murtagh, Evan Crocker, Jared Contrada, Maureen Vlaco, Judith Maloney, Joel-Michael Martin, Christopher Scott, and Keith Jensen.

Guest Starring: Tony Ramos Wright, Joshua Gray, Richard White, Dan O'Brien, Kristin Riopelle, Mark Haggett, Bradley Rhodes, Stephanie Eaton, and Clara McKay.